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Distribution & Warehousing

No matter what your market sector, in today’s strong competition environment, a productive warehousing and distribution management is fundamental to business achievement or success. That is the reason you will look for a supply chain partner with a solid reputation and track record. Getting the correct item/product to the right destination, on time, on budget, with start to finish visibility. However, that is just the start, obviously. With the present short item lifecycles, harder time to-market pressures, and more demanding seasonal inventory builds, you will comprehend the basic requirement for flexibility.

Comprehensive Warehousing Management

Managing the flow of your goods, Components and information to optimise productivity, No matter what your market sector.

Transportation & Distribution Services

Managing your transportation from International freight movement to local ‘milk runs’, from after sales to reverse logistics.

Trans-load and cross-docking

Simplifying transport lanes between various origins and destinations to handle your most unpredictable transportation and distribution difficulties.

Value-added services

Our kitting, labelling, marking, pre-inspection and pre-installation services give you the flexibility to meet the requirements of even the most demanding supply chains.

In-house logistics

Implanting drslogistics ltd's expertise, resources and logistics services into your own facilities, relieving you to focus on your core process for production.

Our way to deal with improving your business through continuous procedure surveys and incremental operational efficiency.